How & Why We Started TKTX Canada

The most common question we get asked is whether we are official sellers of TKTX. The honest answer is no. While we have the ability to become official resellers, the amount of product we would need to order and store is quite high and since we are just getting started we need to start off slow. We personally believe that honestly is the best policy, so this is our story on how TKTX Canada become a passion project for us.

After working with Lorena, a Canadian tattoo artist for over 5 years, we have seen every type of tattoo request come through the door. Every placement you can think of, every style of body, and the different levels of pain tolerance. Clients would buy random numbing creams off Amazon, or worse, eBay. The product would not work, wouldn't last the entire appointment, or would make their skin break out. The worst were the creams that clogged up the needles and caused issues during the actual tattoo appointment. Lorena decided to start testing them herself and instantly fell in love with TKTX.

At the time, the only color available in Canada was Gold. A local beauty supply store happened to carry it, and we would send clients there to purchase it before their appointment. When that business changed their structure and decided to stop selling the product, our clients went back to ordering fake products or ordering from the manufacturer, but the product would not arrive for over a month. It started to become a problem, and we decided to fix it.

The first thing we did was reach out to every TKTX website and "Official Seller" we could find to see how we could bring it in mass amounts, so that we always had it ready for our clients in the studio. After narrowing it down, we placed our first order directly from China. We were so nervous; what if we ordered from a fake company?

Then the worst happened: our package never arrived. We waited almost 3 months, since it was right around Black Friday and Christmas, so we expected a long delay. We reached out to customer service, and of course, it was their New Year, so we did not get a reply back for 2 weeks. If you could have seen how nervous we were, thinking we wasted so much money and would never see a drop of cream.

BUT WE WERE WRONG! They informed us our package was lost in shipping and that they would send us a new one ASAP. It arrived 30 days later, but our nerves were still on high alert as we still needed to test the product.

Lorena knew she needed to test it in a spot that would be super sensitive. Half she covered with the numbing cream, and the other half she didn't. Thankfully, it worked like a charm. She said she didn't feel a thing on the numbed portion, and so the announcement was made: WE NOW HAVE TKTX IN-STUDIO.

What we didn't know was how many people across Canada were also looking for it and having the hardest or longest time ordering. So, we set up an online store, started building social media, created this beautiful new website, and made what we hope is an easy way for tattoo lovers to obtain numbing cream with zero hassle, duty, language barriers, or fake products.

We were going to name the store something relating to tattoos, but to be honest, we will probably only ever sell TKTX Gold. The website domain and name were available, so why not make it easy to remember and find? TKTX Canada.

As we embark on this journey, we hope you will let us know how your TKTX worked for you and provide us with feedback and questions you may have so we can continue to grow and make the process as simple as possible.

Use the chat button below to start a direct conversation with me at any time and thanks for reading our story.



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